lunch&LEARN: Climate & Sustainability Action Week

In this session, the Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation (VPT) team Michka MéloNicola Banwell and Eric Domon will explore CSAW -the EPFL Climate & Sustainability Action Week- and discuss the methods and learning outcomes behind this highly interactive 5-day format. 

After two editions and three evaluation rounds, they take a look back at the initial inspirations and observations, as well as the key principles which drove their format design.

The program coordinators will explain how and why CSAW was co-created with students and collaborators from a variety of units, go over the evaluations results, and lead discussions on specific features of the week including; emotional expression, reflexive practices on team work, and the co-creation of an educational format to allow other teachers to integrate their methods into their own pedagogical initiatives.

If you are interested in watching the recording of this session, you can access it through this link.

The lunch&LEARN series was created by the Center LEARN to stimulate the exchange between learning science researchers and everyone at EPFL interested in teaching. Our sessions seek to either translate learning research into teaching practice or provide evidence and insights from teaching practice. Video recordings and slides from previous sessions can be found on the lunch&LEARN webpage

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