Teaching Toolkit for PROJECTS

This interactive one-day workshop for doctoral assistants and post-docs targets the development of skills to maximize student learning.

By focusing on PROJECTS, this workshop will develop your ability to:

  • support students facing typical difficulties of real-life open-ended projects such as working with incomplete data or coping with risk and uncertainty
  • guide students through project phases while ensuring that they develop professional skills such as project management and solution design skills
  • help students work together collaboratively on projects
  • organize project guidance and supervise several students teams
  • assess students learning based on reports or presentations while taking into account both individual and group contributions

Organized through “hands-on” activities based on science content, this workshop allows you to practice and get feedback on evidence-informed teaching skills rather than just hearing about them.

Note: This workshop is independent but complementary to the other 3 in the series (Labs, Presenting, and Exercises). You are welcome to attend as many as you like, in any order you like.

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