coffee&LEARN: How can we make and use educational videos in higher education?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the teaching staff has been pushed to use educational videos as a complement or substitute for their face-to-face teaching. What are the lessons we have learned? How can we better use videos for our teaching? What does the research say about it? In this session, we will have Patrick Jermann, executive director of Center for Digital Education (CEDE) and lecturer at EPFL, Anne Helsdingen, project administrator at CEDE, and Matthew Goodman, the technical specialist also at CEDE discussing this topic from different perspectives.

Watch the recording of this session here
The lunch&LEARN series was created by the Center LEARN to stimulate the exchange between learning science researchers and everyone at EPFL interested in teaching. Our sessions seek to either translate learning research into teaching practice or provide evidence and insights from teaching practice. Video recordings and slides from previous sessions can be found on the lunch&LEARN webpage. During this COVID-19 impacted period, we turned it into a remote coffee&LEARN.

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