Critical Thinking workshop **free lunch**

Chères étudiantes et chers étudiants, 

Come join us for a fun lunch break to improve YOUR critical thinking skills related to refuting poor arguments and building a solid case to back up your ideas. All in an informal, hands-on workshop + FREE LUNCH!

We expect data to provide us with unbiased insight. However, in practice, evidence and data are often presented to support specific conclusions. Engineers and scientists therefore need to be able to analyse the logical foundations of an argument and decipher the strength of the claims, connections and conclusions. This exciting hands-on workshop will be useful for students with some experience in deconstructing an argument as well as those who are more novice.

To register + more information:
The first session will take place on 24 March 12h15-13h30

Au plaisir de vous voir en atelier,
Siara and Natascia
3T PLAY project

Note: All EPFL students are welcome at this event, irrespective of their year or programme of study.

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