Follow-up workshop of the 1. year commission

The AVP-E has commissioned working groups to reflect on topics related to the future of education. Each working group has created a report (compilation of commission reports can be accessed here: and has shortly presented their motivation during the teaching (half-)day on 14.09.2021 in order to share their work with the EPFL teaching community. As a follow-up, each commission proposed an interactive session in which the teaching community discussed the recommendations given in the reports and will share their needs and interests regarding the topics.

As a next step to the first workshop on 1. year (October 2021) we are now proposing a new meeting, meant as a follow up workshop on Tuesday, 25.01.2022 from 13:15 on Zoom (

In order to prepare this next meeting, you are invited to provide feedback and input on the report from the last workshop by adding your opinions to this survey:

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