Scientific collaborator for educational robotics

The Center for Learning Sciences and its member lab MOBOTS have conceived and built an educational robotics activity within the framework of a collaboration with the PH Bern and the Department for education of Canton Bern in the project MINT mobil (

Based on this previous work, we have launched the project “Computational problem solving in MINT mobil” with two main strands: a. evolution of this educational robotics activity by testing design options and implementing complementary learning activities such as R2T2 remote missions (intervention) and b. conception of evaluation strategy and conduct of evaluation implementation. We plan to measure the impact on both students and teachers, as much as possible over time and in relation to the intervention they experienced, incl. understanding the factors influencing the effectiveness (impact measure).

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher who will be responsible for both the intervention and impact measure part of the project as well as managing the collaboration with PH Bern and the cantonal authorities.