Scientific collaborator for fieldwork in elementary schools

Dynamilis is an application for iPads developed at EPFL for handling handwriting difficulties and especially severe difficulties referred to as ‘dysgraphia’. It uses AI methods to analyse the dynamics of handwriting on a tablet, i.e. the speed of the pen, it’s title and its pressure. It extracts features that a human therapist cannot perceive such as the second derivate of pen pressure. Based on this analysis, Dynamilis proposes various games to the child, games that have been developed with 45 therapists. What follows is a collaboration between CHILI Lab EPFL and PH Bern.

We are looking for a person with (1) experience of interacting with teachers and children in elementary schools and (2) some experience in collecting data or empirical education research.  The candidate needs to be fluent with tablets but the position does not require specific skills in computer science. The candidate must speak Swiss German for visiting schools as well as French or English to interact with the team in EPFL.