Natascia Petringa

• Research Assistant (RA) on “best practices” in elementary school science.
• Co-presenter at STAO Conference November 8-10, 2018 (Toronto, ON).
• Co-author of a paper on “best practices” in elementary school science.
• Presenter for B.Ed. class on “Multimodal teaching for ELLs” at the University of Alberta,   Edmonton.
• Presenter “Multimodal teaching for ELLs” online conference Rennes, France.    June 27, 2019
• Teaching Assistant (TA) for B.Ed. class on ELL education (PED3129).
• Attended and presented two papers (ICSEI 2020 Conference, Morocco).
• Guest speaker on “Multimodality for Second Language Learners” in PED3758.   2020 and 2021
• PD Day on “Co-teaching” at TASIS-American International School in Portugal.     May 7, 2021 and Aug. 17, 2021