Coffee&LEARN – EPFL Graph Search – Patrick Jermann & Francisco Pinto

In the session, Francisco Pinto and Patrick Jermann will introduce a new type of search engine that allows students, researchers, and administrators to get quick access to information related to EPFL’s academic and research activities. This tool runs on top of an AI-powered engine that leverages machine learning, natural language processing, and graph theory to provide features such as: concept search inside video lectures, course recommendations based on learning objectives, and suggestions for research collaborations. In the first part of the session, you will be familiarised with the backstage work administrated for designing the search engine, while in the second part you will be able to explore the tool and discuss its features.

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The lunch&LEARN series was created by the Center LEARN to stimulate the exchange between learning science researchers and everyone at EPFL interested in teaching. Our sessions seek to either translate learning research into teaching practice or provide evidence and insights from teaching practice. Video recordings and slides from previous sessions can be found on
During this covid-19 impactedd period, we turned it into a remote coffee&LEARN.

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