Swiss Digital Skills Academy

Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Open Educational Platforms (OEPs) are playing a key role in strengthening digitalization in higher education. Up to now, their development and deployment have been mainly carried out by IT services and media experts. The creation of a Swiss Digital Skills Academy is enabling and empowering professors and educators in higher education institutions, as well as HEP/PH students to take control of and to fully adopt their digital ecosystem in their educational practices.

Digital skills learning modules are co-designed and federated between Swiss Academic institutions and rely on shared open, i.e., freely accessible, resources and platforms.

The knowledge transfer is delivered as short workshops or learning sessions, as well as more complete modules or programs targeting Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS).

The project is organized in work packages led by partners in charge of the conception and the creation of the associated learning modules.

EPFL is providing as an in-kind contribution the Graasp platform, an OEP, to support creation, hosting and sharing of OERs by the interested partners.

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