Video support

Like many of the teaching staff at the EPFL, Jean-Cedéric Chapelier had a number of long lecture recordings. These were recorded in the CE amphitheaters on campus and lasted for the duration of the lecture, around 1hr45.

At CEDE we were able to easily split up these lengthy recordings into a number of shorter more digestible videos for his students. All Jean-Cedric had to do was provide us with some suggested times for splitting the recordings.

The result of this collaboration was a list of more than 100 concise videos that switched between a clear view of the slides and Jean-Cedric presenting to the class. These videos can be used in a range of different ways for years to come. Revision resources, teaching videos or even the base for creating an online course.

So if you have a long list of lecture recordings, extract all of their untapped potential by getting in contact with the video team at CEDE.

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