Lighthouse EdTech Evidence-oriented Initiative

The Lighthouse EdTech Evidence-oriented initiative provides a framework for the creation, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based tripartite pilot studies in the field of digital education in Switzerland. These studies are conducted in close collaboration between schools, EdTech start-ups and academic institutions.

The aim of the initiative is to provide an overview of how to establish effective, evidence-based collaboration between these stakeholders. In addition, it will illustrate how to implement commercial or nonprofit EdTech solutions as research-based digital interventions to enable evidence-based pilot studies.

Finally, it will demonstrate the willingness and interest of scientists to engage in human and techno-pedagogical interventions and to value them in their own research activities in order to contribute to scientific results and more impact-oriented translational research.

EdTech startups that are part of the Swiss EdTech Collider and have already participated in the Swiss National EdTech Testbed Program will be selected to conduct six initial pilot research projects for this purpose. The pilot projects are planned progressively as quasi-experiments with the aim of gathering evidence on the adoption, adaptation, implementation and impact of EdTech solutions in Swiss public schools.

Each pilot spans over a year with a co-design phase, followed by the actual pilot study, as well as the analysis and the publication of the results.

The overall 20-month initiative, supported by the Jacobs Foundation, will also help to consolidate – as a blueprint – the model of effective evidence-oriented collaborations between businesses, schools, and academia in digital education.

K-12 startups interested to participate in a Lighthouse EdTech Evidence-oriented pilot are asked to submit their details via the links below:



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