MOOC – Discovering Digital Sciences with Thymio

Taking your first steps in the digital world is possible!

The MOOC titled “The Thymio robot as a tool for discovering digital sciences” is the result of a fruitful collaboration between education experts which offers a smooth introduction into the fascinating world of digital technology.

To get started, you don’t need to have a Thymio robot at hand: thanks to its virtual version, you can immediately get to the heart of the matter.

As for its physical version, it will allow you to experience all aspects of interaction and programming that this educational robot has to offer.

The educational materials (videos, texts, images, exercises, quizzes and many more resources) supplied in this MOOC have been carefully selected with the aim to provide learners with a captivating journey into the digital world. What’s more, all the educational materials can be transposed and applied within a classroom context.


The French version of this MOOC was jointly designed by EPFL and Inria and adapted into German through a cross-institutional and cross-organizational collaboration (ETHZ, PH Luzern, SUPSI, PH Bern, PH St. Gallen, PH Schwyz, amXa, Bischoff). It is available on several platforms such as,,  The Italian version is under development.

The course is divided into six chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Science and Robotics

Chapter 2: Thymio

Chapter 3: First steps in programming with Thymio (VPL)

Chapter 4: Programming Thymio with Scratch

Chapter 5: Programming Thymio with Aseba Studio

Chapter 6: Educational activities with Thymio

The first chapter introduces the basic concepts of computer science and robotics. The second chapter is an introduction to the Thymio robot. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 cover programming the robot in different environments with increasing complexity. Finally, Chapter 6 is a practical application of the elements presented in the MOOC.

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