Interactive Learning environments for pharmacy assistants can encourage the students to test their knowledge in consultation situations without the fear of making mistakes. Additionally, these environments can be used to collect meaningful data to analyze student’s behaviors and provide exclusive insights to teachers.

Interactive learning environments (ILE) such as PharmaSim allow students to explore their subject matter through a realistic consultation scenario while mitigating the consequences of mistakes. PharmaSim offers a motivating learning opportunity in which students can be trained to actively engage in counselling sessions, to react (critically) to the information at their disposal and to identify cross-selling opportunities.

Pharmacy assistants typically will need to apply the learning content they have acquired at school in real life consultation situations at the pharmacy. Teaching strategies must foster the transfer of theoretical knowledge to applied competencies. While role play is one way to simulate real world scenarios, many students tend to avoid risks in group work settings. Additionally, it is difficult to engage learners in learning activities regarding subject matters they can not relate to. PharmaSim is a solution that offers a protected learning environment and enhances motivation through gamification.

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