Coffee&LEARN: Teaching online laboratories – Christophe Salzmann & Denis Gillet

Education under lockdown has provided a chance to revisit ways teaching and learning are conducted, especially when these routines require physical contact and access to equipment. At EPFL there is a significant number of laboratory classes, and even before the lockdown, there has been an interest in creating wider accessibility by engaging in interactive online tools that compensate for the physical absence.
In this coffee&LEARN session, we bring practitioners’ perspectives of online laboratories by having Christophe Salzmann and Denis Gillet present their experiences of years of working with this topic. The session will start with a short overview given by Denis Gillet and will follow with a focus on practical aspects, developing online lab experiments, demos, and tools that Christophe Salzmann has worked on during teaching labs in an online format. The session will also accommodate a possibility to discuss pedagogical scenarios and how best to organise teaching online labs.

Sounds interesting? Video recording of the session is available here: 

The lunch&LEARN series was created by the Center LEARN to stimulate the exchange between learning science researchers and everyone at EPFL interested in teaching. Our sessions seek to either translate learning research into teaching practice or provide evidence and insights from teaching practice. Video recordings and slides from previous sessions can be found on
During this COVID-19 impacted period, we turned it into a remote coffee&LEARN.

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