Roteco: Robotic Teacher Community

The goal of the Roteco project is to create a vibrant community of schoolteachers interested in the field of robotics and computational thinking. Sharing classroom practices around educational robotics, informing about new developments in the field and opportunities for training are the foundation. To support the growth of this robotic teacher community the Roteco project designed, developed and has community managers for the web platform. If you are a teacher or have interest in the world of educational robotics come and join us!

Today we live in a digital society that requires the acquisition of new skills related to computer science, such as computational thinking or coding skills as well as cross-curricular skills, such as communication, collaboration and creativity.

One possible tool to foster these skills in schools is educational robotics. However, the question is how to bring educational robotics into schools?

This is where Roteco comes in. We aim to create a community of teachers interested in educational robotics and offer training in this field in order to facilitate the sharing and uptake of educational robotics activities. As part of the project, a teacher training concept, an online platform for collaboration and various teaching resources were developed.


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