Virtual Exchange Program

A credit exchange program that gives our students the opportunity to participate in online courses offered by our partners.

The Virtual Exchange Program (VEP) is a collaboration between international universities to offer a selection of online, for-credit courses to their students.

The partner universities allow students to take online courses from any VEP partner institution, partake in the exam at their own campus, and make the credits gained for that course count towards their academic degree program.

This increases each partner’s portfolio of online-credit-courses, provides more flexibility and expands the offering for students, adds an online international experience for them and lecturers, and serves as a kick-starter for further international collaboration between students, teachers and students, or teachers.


Since the start of the program, in December 2017, we have offered a portfolio of about 50 for-credit online courses per calendar year.

We have piloted the processes and procedures for registration, enrolment, examination, credit conversion and transfer of transcript, and we served almost 1800 students from 12 different universities in those first three years.

We are now looking into opportunities to grow the portfolio of courses and expand our alliance or forge new alliances to exchange online for-credit courses.

Anne Helsdingen -
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